Shoe Decorating Ideas
DIY Appearance Shoe Decorating

Top 3 Shoe Decorating Ideas

When it comes to get better appearance then the individuals are required to focus on lots of factors. Shoes are one of these things. Everyone wants to make their boring shoes interesting and good looking. It can be possible by following some creative ideas for shoes designing.

Mainly these types of ways are followed by the teens and adults. These types of designs can be formed on the loafers, flats, heels and sneakers. The modifications can be done with the addition of following things.

  • Paint
  • Colors
  • Textures
  • Patterns

If you are interested in all these things then now I’m going to share some ideas.

  1. Polka dot shoes

Polka dot design is getting famous with the day to day activities. Some individuals are interested in applying it on the shoes. For such a task, you need following things first.

  • Polka dot ruler or stencil
  • Un-used pencil eraser
  • Desired color fabric paint
  • Shoes

First of all, you are required to take the ruler or stencil for marking the places on shoes for polka dots. With all these things, you should try to take the pencil eraser bigger as compared to dots you want to draw.

In case the eraser is not bigger then you get some small dots that cannot be appeared properly. For printing the dots, you should dip eraser into paint and then mark with the help of stencil. It is the simple way of creating polka dot shoe pattern.

  1. Painted pineapple shoes

In you want to get this particular design then you should consider the way of following items.

  • Specific fabric markers of different colors such as – med. green, orange, yellow, light green and brown
  • Marker with disappearing ink
  • Canvas slip on shoes

It is easy to draw such pattern on the shoes. Firstly, you are required to choose the way of disappearing ink. You should draw pattern with it. Draw the pineapples perfectly on complete shoe and fill the main area with yellow color.

For decorating shoes    , you should pick orange marker and create numerous ‘v’ in main section. Now you should focus on the leaves. Firstly you need to take medium green color and then work with light green for highlighting the pattern.

Rainbow tie dye shoes

  1. Rainbow tie dye shoes

Things you need for making such pattern or design on the shoes.

  • Painters tape
  • Shoes of white canvas
  • A complete tie dye kit

A complete tie dye kit includes all necessary things such as – tablecloth and gloves. In the beginning, you should apply tape on the areas those you want to keep similar. In case you miss the area then it does not an easy task of clean it.

Now you should create mixture as per the tie-dye instructions. After all these things, you should start pouring dye. Here, you need to be careful and avoid the use of excessive amount. Here, the shoes start getting rainbow effects.

These are three ways that can help you in getting answer to how to embellish shoes. For more ways you can consider the way of online sources.