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What Is Pressed Glass?

The individuals are considering the way of different types of glass based products. Pressed glass is a kind of glass and it is formed with the use of plunger. The plunger is becoming helpful in creating a mold from molten glass. For such a task, the professionals are considering some specific techniques and press the molten glass carefully. Here some individuals are raising questions regarding pressed glass vs cut glass.

Know more about Pressed Glass

The pressed glass is manufactured by considering two different ways. Mainly these ways are based on the use of machine or by hand. Firstly we are discussing details related to the machine method.

When the glass is pressed by the machine then it passes through high pressure. Due to it, there are some depression patterns appearing on the glass. The biggest evidence is availability of mold lines on the glass. These types of glasses are considered as the lower quality ones.

If we talk about the high quality pressed glass then these are manufactured by manual procedure. Here, the manual procedure is representing the way of creating glass by hand. Following such way does not mean they are working traditionally. It is the only way for creating the fine quality and best piece of glass.

pressed glass

Finishing of pressed glass

After the manufacturing of pressed glass finishing is an essential step. On the basis of finishing, the appearance of glass is highly affected. It does not matter how the glass is manufactured, the finishing process is similar.

The finishing process is considered as the fire polishing. In the polishing techniques, the professionals are using a direct flame. All these things are providing a glossy look to the pressed glass patterns and improve the appearance. It is the biggest reason behind the popularity of pressed glass.

What makes it different from cut glass?

Some individuals are not able to differentiate the pressed and cut glass. There are numerous things similar in both types of glasses. If you are interested in getting more details regarding difference then upcoming factors can help you in several ways.

The manufacturing of glass is completely similar in both cases. The glass is converted to the mold from the molten form. The difference is created by the use of type of mold. In case of pressed glass, the mode is created with two to four pieces.

The design is also a part of mold and applied directly on the glass. After that it is left for the cooling process. When it is completely cooled then it is removed from the mold. If we talk about the cut glass then there is not any kind of design available.

After the cooling process of cut glass it passes through one more process. Following details can help you in differentiating it deeply.

  • Seams

The pressed glass is available with seams. The seams are appearing in the form of some specific lines. If we talk about cut the glass then seams are also appearing here but in the final cut glass product you do not see it. During the cutting process it gets smoothened.

  • Light

For getting difference, you can choose the way of light. You should keep the piece of glass in the light and check out the reflections. In case you are getting outcomes in the form of rainbow light then it can be considered as the cut glass.

With all these things, you can figure out difference between cut glass and pressed glass by feeling it. You should move hand on the glass design. The cut glass provides sharp feel. In case you are holding a pressed one then you feel proper smoothness.

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