DIY Materials Paper Clay

What Is Paper Clay?

Paper clay is specific form of clay that contains the cellulose fiber. The clay is considered for different types of tasks. There are numerous individuals are considering the way to work with paper clay. The fiber is providing strength to the paper clay.

Adding more fiber makes it stronger and unfired. In case of fired body it is becoming weaker. If the manufacturer is adding lesser fiber properties then it becomes weaker unfired and stronger fired body. In the upcoming paragraphs I’m going to discuss more details about the paper clay.

How to use paper clay?

Mainly the paper clay is prepared with the use of different types of components. It is manufactured with the combination of normal clay, paper and some other fibers. The way of clay is considered for forming different types of structures.

use paper clay

Some individuals are interested in getting details about the paper clay techniques. With it, they want to know that where to buy the paper clay. In case you are not interested in creating by putting own efforts then you can choose the way of ceramic stores. Following are some key properties related to the paper clay.

  • Improved structure

When it comes to make a large and thin structure then the way of paper clay can be considered. It provides strength to the structure and provides stability. Due to this particular factor, some individuals are sculpting with paperclay. If we talk about transportation then you do not worry about that. Structure based on such material can be easily transported.

  • Repair easily

Sometimes, the individuals are facing issues related to the cracks. The way of paper clay is becoming highly beneficial here and you can fill up the cracks without any kind of issue. Many potters are choosing the way of such material for all these things.

  • Dry quickly

While working on diy paper clay projects then the most important factor is drying. Some clay is not getting dry quickly and due to it, the individuals may face some issues. Here, some cracks start appearing on the structure. In case you are using the paper clay then it dries quickly and you are able to avoid various issues.

How to make paper clay?

make paper clayMost of the individuals are interested in the use of paper clay. Some are considering the way of stores and get the pre created clay. Some people are trying to find out the sources by which they can create own clay.

If you are one of these people then upcoming details can become useful. These details are related to the process of making paper clay.

Before getting information about the process for preparing homemade paper clay, you should know that paper is playing an important role. For the lighter paper clay, you should consider the way of less paper components.

  • Firstly, you are required to get clay slip and paper pulp. For the creation of 10 to 15 pounds of clay, you should try to get two gallons of clay slip.
  • For adding the paper fibers, you can choose the way of printer paper or newspaper. Before adding the components, you need to mold them. It can be possible with the use of bleach and one tablespoon is enough for such task.
  • Now you should create combination of clay slip and paper fiber. After that, you should start mixing it. Do it for at least 20 minutes and make sure that the mixture becomes completely smooth.

It is the small process of making paper clay. If you have any doubt then online sources can assist you in getting a perfect solution.

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