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How To Paint Inside Wine Bottles?

After having the wine, most of the individuals throw it in the garbage. If you use these bottles in the perfect manner then it can be a good and impressive decorative piece. For such a task, the interested ones required to some specific modifications. Paint job is the biggest part of all these things. Everyone wants to get the perfect way to paint inside wine bottles. These types of painted bottles can be considered as a gift.

Things to Have To Paint Inside Wine Bottles

Before start painting the wine bottle, the interested ones are required to gather all essentials first. Mainly these items are:

  • paint inside complete bottle


  • Paper towel
  • Muffin papers
  • Oral syringes or plastic spoons
  • Newspaper
  • Cotton swaps and toothpicks
  • Wine corks
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Assorted glass vessel such as – soda bottle, vases, jars and so on
  • Acetone
  • Disposable cups
  • Paper plates

If you gather all these items then you are ready for painting the glass bottle from inside.

Process of painting

  • In case you want to paint inside of a glass bottle then first of all, remove all types of labels. Now wash bottle from outside and inside properly and rinsing with the use of rubbing alcohol. Keep the bottles completely dry before starting the paint job.
  • For removing the labels properly, you can choose the way of hot water. Here, you should soak the bottle and rub the label. In case some patches of glue remain behind then you can take help from oil.
  • Now prepare setup for the paint job. For such a task, you should cover the complete surroundings or area with the paper.
  • After all these things you should start painting the bottle. The individuals are required to create the paint mixture and add it to the bottle.

paint inside wine bottles

  • Here you should consider the way of cork for blocking the bottle mouth. With all these things, you should try to invert the bottle and spread paint inside complete bottle.
  • When the complete bottle is covered with the paint then you should take a empty cup and keep the bottle upside down. In this particular way, the complete extra paint will be eliminated from the bottle.

After completing the process, you should keep the bottle aside for dryness. In this way, you can decorate glass bottles with paint. For getting effective results, you should not rush and work carefully.

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