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Artificial Moss DIY Crafts

How To Make Artificial Moss?

On the Halloween, everyone tries to do something special and different. Some are trying to do prank with the help of fake moss. With it, they are finding a way and proper details for the diy fake moss project. Before creating the fake moss, you should choose an object on which you want to apply it.

Here, you should try to consider the way of some scary looking objects. Now I’m going to explain the process of creating artificial moss.

Get dryer lint

When you are going to wash the clothes then there is lint remain behind in the dryer. You should not clean and throw the lint. Try to keep it save. Lint is becoming useful in providing realistic feel to the moss.

Get all tools

Make Artificial Moss

If you get lint in a big amount then you should consider the way of tools for preparing the moss. Mainly essential tools or ingredients are:

  • Dryer lint
  • At least 2 plastic bowls
  • Thin or latex disposable gloves
  • Craft glue
  • Different shades of paints related to green color

All these things are becoming useful in making fake moss for Hallowing.

Start adding ingredients

Now you should add some dryer lint in one blow. After that you should add a specified quantity of craft glue and paint. Here, you need to consider the way of green color for providing original look to the moss. You need to consider the way of these two items for changing the color of lint.

Mix it

When all these things are added proportionally then you need to consider gloves. Do not forget to wear gloves before mixing all elements. Create the mixture gently. You need to mix the dryer lint regularly until it does not get colored properly.

Apply on object

After preparing the artificial moss, you should start placing it on the object or prop you want to target. When you apply moss on the object then give it some time for getting dry.


If the moss gets completely dry then you should be focused on the detailing. It can help you in providing scarier look to the object. Apply all these things randomly. Do not try to follow any kind of pattern.

It is an easy process to make artificial moss at home. For giving the original look completely, you need to make sure that you are adding color in a perfect manner.

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